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Paul of Tarsus Spiritist Centre is a charity, not for profit organisation focused on studying and promoting Spiritism concepts that aim to support moral improvements and inner transformation of each individual.

Our weekly sessions are open to the public free of charge, everyone is invited to join our group and study Spiritism, discover their inner self, work on their spiritual growth and improve their well-being.

On the session there are true opportunities to reflect upon our lives, to deal with our negative feelings and convert them into their counterpart virtues, to develop spiritual strength, moral and habits to live in harmony with our environment, community, workplace and nature.

Our friendly team of volunteers are truly happy to assist and walk you through Spiritism, concepts. Those concepts, when applied to your life by yourself, may lead you through the path of spiritual enlightenment.

What is?

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What it is?

Alan Kardec

Alan Kardec

Author of 5 books which are the pillar of the Spiritism.

Paul of Tarsus

Paul Of Tarsus

Paul of Tarsus is one of the most important figures of the Christianity.

Study Group

Study Group

Learn more about the Spiritism and your inner self in groups


Spiritual Healing

Non contact spiritual healing to help to balance the chakras

Gospel at Home

Gospel At Home

An important tool for peace and energy



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Messages received from our mediums


We nurture the knowledge with books.

PTSC library is available for members to provide enlightening and helpful resources to you. There are a large number of Spiritist books published nowadays but only a fraction has been translated or written in English.

There are several sites that contains e-books for free for you to search. If you have any questions about a topic ask any one of our volunteers and they will be happy to help you to find a book to cover the topic you are searching for.

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The Centre is located at Redfern, Inner South of Sydney City.

The suburb is well known for its aboriginal background and roots. It is close to Sydney city, with a train station, buses and plenty of shops around.

Our meetings will be weekly on Tuesdays at 7:15PM at the Small Room of Redfern Town Hall (73 Pitt St, Redfern NSW 2016)

There are free street parking and the location is close to Redfern Train Station with bus lines around allows an easy access.


Paul of Tarsus Spiritist Centre - a dream come true.

  • 2017

    Our Beginnings

    A smal group of dedicated learners and volunteers decided to expand the horizons to study with the public in Redfern-Sydney about spiritism!

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